How to Buy Right Fertiliser Gardening Accessories? #RainbowGardenParadise

How to Buy Right Fertiliser Gardening Accessories? #RainbowGardenParadise

There are a number of fertilizers available at the gardening accessories shops in the UK. But it is difficult to find out the reliable one. First of all, a gardener should know everything about fertilization. Then it will be easy to decide which fertilizer should be well suited to the plants and lawns. Fertilizer number is very important to choose the right kind of product. Each brand presents them as the perfect one. But I reality, they may be far from the perfection. The most important ingredient in a fertilizer is nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium (K). The percentage of the amount of these ingredients in a fertilizer should be calculated. Whenever gardeners are going to buy fertilizers, they should check whether it contains ample N-P-K or not. Triple 15 means (15-15-15) that each of these three elements has an equal amount of 15% in a fertilizer. In a fertilizer where nitrogen is 3% and each of phosphorus and potassium is 15 %, the N-P-K will be called 3-15-15 there. Winter/Autumn lawn fertiliser/Feed-3-15-15+S+MgO gardening fertiliser accessory is a useful fertilizer containing the ratio stated above.

A quick glance at the each major element may help one to understand why grasses prefer these materials.


Nitrogen helps the foliage to grow. It generates green, lush, and tender leaves. It can be found to be easily flushed through the soil. Lack of nitrogen creates chlorosis (a disease, in which the green leaves turn into yellow and become pale).


Phosphorous stimulates the growth of the root. The maturity of the plants also depends on upon it. Phosphorus increases the development of flowers, fruits, and seeds. It also helps to improve the quality of the soil. Phosphorus deficiency results in slow and stunted growth along with purplish discoloration on leaves.


Potassium provides vigor for adjusting with the changing condition of the weather. It resists many diseases. The most important function of potassium is to help a plant or tree in food manufacturing process. It makes the stems strong by strengthening the cell wall structure and leaches from the soil.

Winter autumn lawn care fertiliser contains 3 % Nitrogen, 6 % phosphorous in phosphorous Pentoxide and 12% potassium in potassium oxide. Apart from these, it also contains 2.6 % Magnesium oxide (MgO) and 5.2% sulphur trioxide (SO3). Magnesium is regarded as the powerhouse of a plant because it helps the photosynthesis process. It helps the chlorophyll to absorb the sun energy. It keeps the plant leaves green. Sulphur acts as a soil conditioner and helps to reduce the sodium contents of soils.

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